5 Benefits of Using Quality Laminate Countertop Edging

With more and more people choosing the functionality, flexibility and design potential of laminate countertops, it’s time you realize the design potential of this practical yet fashionable material. One way of achieving this potential is through quality laminate countertop edging – here’s why:

1. It’s higher quality than standard stock edging: Most companies producing laminate countertops offer standard stock edging options to their consumers. And while the laminate countertop itself is of high quality, these edging products simply can’t compete with expertly manufactured edgings and trims.

2. There are more design options: While you may have one or two edging options from your countertop supplier, it’s important to remember that there is a lot more choice available on the market. From single and double beveled edges to subtle Kurv edges, solid surface edging and even wood edging in a huge range of colors and textures, custom edging allows you to bring any design to life.

3. It delivers increased durability: Specialist edging isn’t just better made than standard options, it is also robustly and seamlessly attached to your laminate countertops through a high-tech bonding process. This means that it looks great and can handle heavy use for many, many years to come.

4. Fully customize your countertops: Kitchen and bathroom design has come a long way to allow homeowners to fully express their vision. Now, laminate countertop edging options can help contribute to achieving your dream space. Not only can you choose the laminate color and texture you want, you can also choose between different designs and materials for a completely unique look.

5. You can get the perfect match: Want the best trim but also want it to blend seamlessly with your laminate countertops? No problem. You can choose your edging option from a wide range of colors and textures from the Formica®, Wilsonart®, Pionite® or Nevamar® ranges, depending on your design choices.

Get Customized Laminate Countertop Edging Options for Affordable Prices

Kuehn Bevel are leaders in the manufacturing of decorative beveled edge laminate countertop molding and decorative edge products in laminate, solid surface and wood. Our aim is to give our clients access to beautiful and stylish products that deliver impeccable design options without the hefty price tag.

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Modern Designs for Laminate Countertop Edges

With recent developments in manufacturing technology and new, modern designs, laminate is an affordable option that is proving to be a popular choice for forward-thinking interior designers and homeowners alike. In addition to its design flexibility, laminate can be custom-edged to further elevate any look. Here are just some of your options:

• Laminate beveled edges: Custom beveled edges are better made, offer more variety and last longer than any stock edging options. The state-of-the-art manufacturing and bonding process ensures that you have a strong, durable countertop edge that delivers a luxury look without the price tag. These trims are available in 4 different materials in 5 different beveled edge designs using a wide range of color and pattern combinations.

• KURV edges: These softly curved designs offer a unique look for your kitchen or bathroom countertops and are available in single bevel, double bevel, subtle single KURV and subtle double KURV. These seamless, one-piece moldings can be manufactured in any post formed colors offered by Formica®, Wilsonart®, Pionite® and Nevamar®.

• Solid surface edges: Solid surface edges are ideal for clients looking for a smooth, resilient edge in rich, deep colors that closely resembles that of far more expensive countertops.

• Wood edges: Available in Red Oak, Cherry and Maple, these wood edge moldings are a great way to add warm, rich depth to your design. Available in wood or with additional laminate inserts, they are available in Formica®, Wilsonart®, Pionite® and Nevamar®.

Enhance your Countertops with High Quality Laminate Edging Options

Kuehn Bevel is a leading manufacturer in countertop decorative edge molding in laminate, solid surface and wood. Our aim is to give our clients access to beautiful and stylish products that deliver impeccable design but without the hefty price tag.
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How to Choose a Kitchen or Bathroom Countertop Edge

So, you’ve weighed up all the pros and cons and decided that laminate countertops offer you the best in style, affordability and quality – making them perfect for your bathroom or kitchen. Great! Now to add your own personal touch by choosing the perfect countertop edging option. The good news is that with Kuehn Bevel, you can get a product that suits your own, unique style without breaking the bank.

• Find an edging option that suits your style: At Kuehn Bevel, we work with all the big brands in laminate countertops, including Formica® and Wilsonart®. This means that it’s easier than ever to find a pattern or color that suits your countertops.

• Design your own trim: Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, you are able to create a trim that elevates your design, from matching or contrasting against your countertops to different edging shapes.

What Kuehn Bevel Countertop Edging Offers You

• Laminate edges: One of our most popular options, high-pressure laminate is practical, durable and affordable, offering endless color and texture combinations.

• Solid surface edges: Available in single or double bevel, round and ogee as well as a clipped or 90 degree end corner, these edges provide a smooth, richly colored edge that repels water and dirt.

• Wooden edges: Ideal for traditional kitchens, this high-quality edging is available in Red Oak, Maple and Cherry. Edging options include a bullnose edge, bullnose with laminate insert, wood bevel edge and wood bevel with a laminate insert.

At Kuehn Bevel, our countertop edging options are about providing essential decorative touches that transform kitchens and bathrooms into completely customized spaces.

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Interior Designers and Countertop Installers Alike Are Recommending Laminate Kitchen Countertops, Here’s Why

If you want the most out of your kitchen remodel, it’s best to talk to your interior designer or countertop installer about creating a space that is functional, stylish and within your budget. Here’s why laminate kitchen countertops are still a popular choice:

• Technology has improved their look: Outdated, unattractive laminate countertops are a thing of the past, thanks to advances in laminate design and technology. These days, you can find a huge range of high quality laminates that look chic and sophisticated even faux granite that’s indistinguishable from the real thing but a fraction of the cost.

• Long-lasting quality: Your kitchen countertops must withstand a lot of wear and tear, from constant daily use and cleaning with harsh detergents to hot pots and sharp knives. Laminate countertops can take it all in stride, ensuring that your countertops hold up perfectly for years to come.

• Color, pattern and texture: These days, kitchens are more than simply functional spaces – it is the space where you do most of your living and entertaining. It should also be a representation of your personal style. Whether you are looking to do a full-on renovation or just a quick update, laminate is the one material that can deliver designer results. With hundreds of color and pattern options, even faux granite, the chances are that if you can dream the design, laminate can deliver it!

• Budget-friendly: Renovating a kitchen is a costly project and economical options like laminate countertops with decorative edging can make your dream kitchen a reality without blowing your budget.

Stylish, Affordable Kitchen Countertop Edging Options from the Industry Leaders

Kuehn Bevel is a leading manufacturer of decorative countertop edging with edging options available in laminate, solid surface and wood. We provide our clients a stylishly wide selection of countertop edging, the perfect design enhancement to your kitchen laminate countertops.

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